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Learn about the experience Joe brings to the table. He was one of the top 100 National Incident Commanders in the country, Mayor of Mission Viejo California, and much more.

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Joe Compared to His June 3rd Opponent on Education

Here's Joe talking about his plan to enhance and repair education funding to our school districts. His opponent complains about Republicans, but she has not articulated a plan to move us forward.

Joe Lowe Compared to Susan Wismer on South Dakota

It's not about one group of people vs. another - it's about one South Dakota and everyone working together to make this state a better place to live.

Joe Lowe on Why He's Running for Governor

Some people think politics is about ideology, others think it's only about one or two issues, but Joe thinks about people coming together and doing great work regardless of political party.

Joe Lowe & Susan Wismer on the Keystone XL Oil Pipeline

Rick Weiland finishes up an impassioned speech about how it's Big Money that's trying to convince us that Keystone XL is a good thing, and it would only be good for them - not for us. Then Susan Wismer for Governor used her opportunity to speak and simply said, "what he said."

Just weeks ago, Susan Wismer explained to a large audience how she supports the Keystone XL pipeline. So, what is she? For it? Against it? We want to know!

Joe Lowe takes some time to detail some reasons why the Keystone XL pipeline proposal is 'bad business' and how he won't support it.

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Joe Lowe & His Opponent talk about Uranium Mining in the Black Hills

Joe Lowe for Governor talks about the proposed ISL uranium mining in the Black Hills of South Dakota. His opponent Susan Wismer also talks on the issue. The Democratic Party primary election in South Dakota is June 3rd, 2014. Be sure to vote for the voice you want representing YOU.

Want true leadership? Want a strong voice? Then join us, share this with your friends and contribute to Joe's campaign!


Expand Medicaid in South Dakota

Joe rails on Gov. Daugaard for costing counties $4 million/yr statewide in unnecessary medical bills, and being a mean spirited partisan politician when it comes to taking better care of people who deserve it.

Teacher Pay 51st in the Nation

Joe Lowe hits a homer on how paying teachers competitively is important - not just for the teachers but for our kids and families too - South Dakota's teacher pay is worst in the nation and not even competitive with neighboring states. Often, the cost of living in SD is higher than in its neighboring states too.

Joe Lowe Talks About His Background

Joe was a National Incident Commander for 1 of 33 teams in the nation. These teams respond to large scale disasters throughout the country. He was also the Commander of the teams who beat the Grizzly Gulch Fire which threatened Deadwood, the East Ridge Fire North of Rapid City, and the Missouri River flood at Dakota Dunes.

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